Thursday, July 8, 2010

is it love or is it lust?

sad and happy
all at once
feeling of pain
feeling of trust
something gained
something lost
feeling of confusion
is it love or is it lust?
smiles here
tears there
confusion almost everywhere
feeling alive
feeling alone
wanting to be happy
or feeling like you must
is it love or is it lust?
feeling regretful
no looking back
no rewind button
youre stuck where youre at
feelings friendless
no one's there
no one to trust
is it love or is it lust?

today tomorrow

fear me today
fear me tomorrow
make me happy
or fill me with sorrow
be my enemy today
be my best friend tomorrow
say you love me and im yours to keep
or take me as a borrow
love me today
hate me tomorrow
make me cry
the tears i will never show
push me today
hold my hand tomorrow
i could help you
if you just let me know
listen to me today
ignore me tomorrow
the feelings i feel
i never let go

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I feel like a Penguin in a Field of dasies

I feel like a penguin in a field of daisies
Needing to escape the world full of crazies
Wanting to be on my own
In this field, i stand alone

I stand and cry as the daisies listen
My tears in the sun, like glitter they listen
The daisies catching my tears as they fall
Blurs around me, confusion becomes all

Tears falling to the ground
My screaming is the only sound
Louder then fireworks on the fourth of July
These daisies listen as i cry

Heart is breaking into pieces
Like paper im folding at the creases
Still standing somewhere near
Daisies make my sadness disappear


walking on the beach hand in hand
indenting our footrints in the sand
letting love out, taking some in
Putting the past behind us, not caring about where we've been
the only thing that matters is where you are and where you will go
Preparing for what you will do and what you will soon know
While were walking and leaving our footprints we must remember
These footprints we will not see next september

Sunday, May 30, 2010

cheerleading in a different perspective

When you think of cheerleading, what comes to mind? Pom poms? Short skirts? Preppy? Yes, all of those things are what we cheerleaders do, but its not who we are. We are people who work hard and strive to be the best. We motivate the basketball and football teams. We also scream and cheer at the top our lungs at pep rallies. We do everything that we possibly can to promote spread spirit throughout our school.
The majority of high school students think cheerleading is nothing and it's just a waste of space in the yearbook, but they really have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. We tumble, stunt, and do our best to perform well and bring home a trophy from competitions to make our school proud. So when you think about cheerleading, what should come to your mind? Hardworking athletes who are peppy and filled with a prodigious amount of spirit.

What happens when reality takes place?

Racing raindrops
fast falling tears
beautiful disasters
loose loving fears

Broken desires
weary eyes
frozen dreams
realism dies

Bottled-up anger
hidden confusion
fading hope
erased illusion

scratched love
bleeding hearts
welcomed hatred
admire parts

piling worries
empty expression
unfriendly feelings
vanished succession

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Running in a field of daisies

skip, gallop, run
daisies dancing in the sun
laugh, grow, play
daisies please don't fade away
smiles, laughter, tears
daisies let go of all your fears
clouds, stars, sky
daisies leap and fly
believe, sleep, dream
daisies don't rip at the seam
love, hate, confusion
daisies create an illusion
want, need, desire
daisies please admire
thunder, lighting, rain
daisies please vanish the pain
faith, trust, regret
daisies please don't fret
jump, hop, dive
daisies come alive